City Light Church is a new church in Rochester Hills, MI. We offer authtenic worship, relevant teaching and a safe and fun kids program.

Our values at City Light Church are based on the principle of reaching people with the life-changing message of the Gospel. We believe having values helps us develop a unified sense of commitment in seeing people far from God transformed through the power of Christ. Our Code has 8 values that keep the vision clear.

CULTURE POINT #2:  We Are Life-Giving In All That We Say and Do

CULTURE POINT #1:  We Reach People Who Are Far From God

Culture point #3:  we empower people to use thier god-given gifts

Culture point #5:  we are a thermostat, not a thermometer

culture point #7:  We are contributors, not consumers

culture point #4:  we make it fun to go to church

culture point #6:  We teach people to swim in the shallow end

culture point #8:  we will lead the way in generosity